Newman & Partner

Raw materials


Duty free Switzerland

We offer discreet storage of physical precious metals such as gold and silver, platinum or valor and other valuables. Optionally in individual custody or in safe deposit boxes.

Modern high-security facilities and safes in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein provide you with a bank-independent solution.


Duty free Singapore

Beyond buying physical gold and silver to protect assets, it is equally important today to evaluate the jurisdiction and party storing your precious metals. Our partner is uniquely structured to have exclusive jurisdiction in Singapore to minimize the risk of confiscation or expropriation by bankrupt governments.



No other gemstone comes close to the diamond. Each diamond is unique. Formed in a geological process over 2 billion years ago, pure carbon has crystallized into a mineral under extreme conditions. Our partner contributes to the fact that natural diamonds are used to secure assets and are physically tradable.


On our own account

We recommend physical precious metals as a long-term investment for private wealth protection, not for short-term profit making or speculation.